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Get to know TravelLux

Our fully inclusive travel research and planning fee includes an expertly crafted itinerary, which can be uploaded into our travel planner app for reference on the go, a destination guide and beginning to end trip management and support. Whether it's toast n' tasting your way around the Greek Islands, or meandering the Loire Valley on a luxurious river cruise, our team is standing by to fuel the flames of romance, and create a trip full of everlasting memories. 

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Get to Know Denise

I'm Denise Hanuska, proud owner of TravelLux. 

As a romance travel expert, I firmly believe that it doesn't matter where you travel, but who you choose to wander the world with and I want to help you connect with the one you love while on a beautiful, romantic getaway. 

I know first hand the complexities of planning and executing the perfect getaway. Before I became a professional travel advisor, I was like you. I spent more hours than I would like to admit perusing online travel sites, wading through hundreds of reviews and chasing down customer service agents, all in an effort to narrow down the perfect itinerary. I know what travel planning overwhelm feels like.  But I also know that it doesn't have to be this way. 

As an accredited travel advisor,  I have been arranging unforgettable, honeymoons and couples getaways for the past 9 years. Through meticulous research, collaboration with my guests and strategic global partnerships, I am able to bring all of those seemingly impossible travel dreams to life. 

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