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Secluded Island Escapes for Caribbean Honeymooners

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Breezy palm-fringed beaches and frothy azure seas have long enticed honeymooners and star-crossed lovers from around the world. If you’ve been envisioning an escape full of umbrella drinks, fresh seaside cuisine, and the soft sounds of calypso, why not experience all of that and more away from prying eyes, enjoying some of the most secluded island escapes the Caribbean has to offer.


It’s likely you didn’t think to include the ‘Spice Island’ on your Caribbean honeymoon list, but you may want to reconsider. Where the cuisine lies at the confluence of Africa, India and France, and 40 absolutely pristine beaches beacon wide-eyed wanderer, Grenada has successfully avoided the over-commercialism of other, more known Caribbean islands. If your honeymoon vision includes a touch of adventure, Grenada invites you to wander nutmeg plantations, explore the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, make new friends at one of the three local rum distilleries and hike to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean.


The ultimate in luxury, seclusion and dreamy coastal drives, Nevis is the perfect island to unwind with few crowds. The lesser known of two small islands including St. Kitts, Nevis is for nature lovers, with over 200 species of tropical birds, and a breathtaking five hour hike up Nevis Peak. The Caribbean may be where city-goers come to convalesce, but few come to enjoy driving the islands. The sleepy island of Nevis is the perfect place to rent a car and head up Nevis Heritage Trail, a picturesque coastal drive with historical sites, former sugar plantations and awe-inspiring views along the way.


You may be raising an eyebrow and thinking that Barbados is a fairly popular destination. You would be half right; Barbados still offers plenty of secluded beach experiences for honeymooners looking to unplug and enjoy that quintessential island life. Ginger Bay, Bottom Bay and Harrismith Beach are three of the best beaches in the Caribbean, but their location on the Atlantic side of the island makes them less desirable for vacationers looking to swim. Barbados offers pockets of luxury not found on other islands, and some of the most diverse cuisine, from the iconic Bajan Fish Cakes and ‘Pudding and Souse’ to savoury ‘Jug-Jug’ and Bajan Macaroni Pie.


Where Europe and the Caribbean blend into a colourful kaleidoscope of cuisine, heritage, Dutch colonial architecture and topical island life; Curacao is the perfect romantic jaunt for the culturally curious couple. The Colonial capital of Fort Amsterdam Willemstad is an edgy hub of activity with fantastic museums, art galleries, quaint seaside restaurants and some of the most eclectic street art you’ll ever see. When you’re ready to escape the ‘city’, mythical caves, more than 35 idyllic beaches, and an expansive tropical wilderness await you.


With all of its splendour, it’s perplexing that the ‘Natural Island’ is still one of the least travelled islands in the Caribbean. And just as the nickname implies, Dominica is a destination for honeymooners looking for a nature-focused itinerary, jaw-dropping scenery, a lighter tourist footprint and just enough adventure to break up sun-soaked beach days. This island paradise is home to Boiling lake, a World Heritage Site located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and the second largest lake in the world. If your honeymoon calls for jungle escapades, cascading beach waterfalls, and pristine crowdless beaches, this is your paradise.

Choosing the Caribbean for an island honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to battle crowds and uncomfortably touristy sites if you’re willing to get a little more adventurous. These lesser known islands are teeming with hidden gems, unique local cuisine not found elsewhere in the Caribbean and plenty of beaches that you get to enjoy in seclusion. It’s time to get planning!

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