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5 Places to Experience Fairytale Romance in France

Updated: May 23, 2022

Sensuality, opulence, and guilt-free indulgence are just a few of the reasons why France has been hailed as the most romantic place on earth century after century. Home to the language of love, France also boasts decadent foods and wine, quintessential medieval cobble-stoned villages juxtaposed with seductive cosmopolitan cities; postcard-worthy pastoral scenes punctuated with lush river valleys. If you’re seeking out a fairytale inspired destination for your romantic getaway, we have a few dreamy escapes for you to consider.


You’ve likely heard of Burgundy, but the lesser known capital of this captivating region. Beaune is ideal for the couple with a discerning palate; the wine connoisseurs, the fine food foodies and couples looking to immerse themselves in all things French. Endless vineyards and some of the most exclusive wine cellars in Europe await the thirsty traveller here in Beaune. And with more Michelin Star restaurants than almost any other town in the world, this is where lovers come to be indulgent. Brimming with luxury hotels, quaint cafe culture, and colourful markets, Beaune invites couples to either unwind or explore, with Grenoble and Dijon a quick day trip away.

Le Plateau de Valensole

If it’s a sizzling summery escape you’re after, curling up with your loved one and watching the sun cast its evening light across infinite scenes of vibrant purple may be what you’re looking for. The unmistakable aroma of lavender unfurls across the world famous Valensole plateau, and if you’re thinking this sounds like the perfect spot for a romantic photoshoot, you would be right. Spend your nights in nearby Valensole, a beautiful fountain-dotted village where the locals out-number tourists 10-1 and it’s the perfect place to brush up on your conversational French.


Come stroll the unforgettable cobblestone alleyways of one of the most famous villages of the 19th century. A town that inspired Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, and the birthplace of Nostradamus, this once Hellenized Roman town is for the art lovers, architectural enthusiasts and aspiring writers. The remnants of the Renaissance set the scene for a culture-filled, sensory rich romantic escape. Saint-Rémy offers up sumptuous outdoor picnics, candle light dinners and plenty of small galleries and museums to explore.

Loire Valley

If you really want to honeymoon like a king and queen then look no further than the chateaux-rich region of the Loire Valley. A dizzying display of turrets, towers, opulent gardens, and gothic and Renaissance architecture. Pack your finest threads, because chateaux life is anything but ordinary. The Chateaux Chambord is one of the most beloved, fairytale-esque castles in the world, and was designed by none other than Leonardo De Vinci. And when you’re not lounging about the chateaux grounds, wander through the region and dine on iconic French delicacies such as fresh andouillette (andouille sausage), and rillettes (pork pate); Indulge in world famous Chenin Blanc, Pouilly-Fumé, and Sancerre wines; and spend your afternoons meandering through valleys of bursting sunflowers.


If you’re looking to crank up the pace a notch, but don’t want an over-touristy capital, Marseille strikes a chord with urbanies, art enthusiasts and lovers of the sea. A laid back, walkable seaside city, famous for its Old Port, Marseille is the perfect choose-your-adventure type experience. With the spectacular Calanques National Park nearby, and as the site of France’s oldest church and last cathedral to have ever been constructed on French soil, the Cathédrale de Marseille Notre Dame de la Major, Marseille is a heritage rich destination for passionate xenophiles and lovebirds looking for a city-centred French experience.

For couples seeking out a quintessentially French fairytale holiday, these beautiful towns and villages promise poetic landscapes, lavish cuisine, a bevvy of cultural sites and endless settings for love and romance.

In the words of French poet Victor Marie-Hugo, “La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel,” Life is a flower in which love is the honey.

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